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ABOUT Read up on our Party's Philosophy. 020 fights for progressive values, based on a pragmatic philosophy. Want to know more about what our philosophy specifically entails and what it is based on?

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A PRAGMATIC APPROACH TO PROGRESSIVE BELIEFS. 020 - UvA Student Party Read our Party Philosophy.

020 our party program. 020 stands for real positive impact, through real feasible change.

Here we present to you our party program, existing out of an ever-growing number of pillars. Each pillar includes our overall philosophy and values, current issues on this topic, and real policy proposals that would help solve these issues.

Feel free to email us with any questions, remarks or other suggestions with regards to our program and policies. We value your opinion, and encourage every single student to step-up, raise their voice, and fight for what they stand for.

We are nothing alone, but everything together.
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HOUSING Party Program Point I EDUCATION Party Program Point II COVID-19 Party Program Point III JOBS Party Program Point IV CULTURE & ART Party Program Point V HEALTH CARE Party Program Point VI INCLUSION Party Program Point VII SUSTAINABILITY Party Program Point VIII FACULTY ELECTIONS. Party Program Point IX

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