So much more than just a
Candidate in a Council.

It is the Party that carries the candidates, not the other way around. The shared knowledge and effort put in by our ever-growing network of active members, researchers and other stakeholders is stronger than the capabilities of just one individual.

The Board

The Board is there to guide and overlook the activities of our active members. In the end, altogether they are responsible for the success of the Party, both in regards to our work in the Council and social outreach. In collaboration with all of the members they decide the course of the Party and investigate the means by which they can be achieved.

The Advisory

The Advisory is a supplementary body to the Board and consist of members who answer directly to the whole Board. They utilise their insight to be of aid in specific fields, such as legal matter or even supplying 020 members with merchandise.

The Candidates

In progress…


Put simply, Internal is in charge of maintaining the machinery that is 020 and ensuring cohesion between its various teams. This means that they undertake a number of tasks, some directly related to administration, others focusing on internal cohesion.


Our members in External are emerged in, as the name implies, external matters. This means that they produce the content we publish, such as booklets and articles. Besides that, they determine the strategies we utilise to increase our standing and look for suitable partners.

Human Development

Our people at Human Development ensure that everyone involved with 020 thrives. Not only does HD focus on improving our members’ experience at 020 and their skill set, they are constantly on the look for new additions to our team. Additionally, when you reach out to us on any platform, it is our HD team that you’re in contact with!